Collection and access rules

Rules for the collection

Digital Repository of the University of Technology and Life Science (RCUTP) is a place for storing and sharing of the scientific achievements in a digital version. For its construction was used dLibra - software for collecting and managing the digital content created by the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking. The work was started from the latest doctoral dissertations, magazine articles and conference proceedings, which are kept in the printed version in the Main Library of UTP. A project of digitisation enables archiving works and sharing them in the electronic version.

RCUTP resource is divided into the following collections:

  by resource type

Articles of journals

Doctoral and Habilitation Theses


Symposiums, Congresses, Conferences

by author’s place of work

Faculty UTP

Rules regarding access to the collection

Publications which create RCUTP resource are protected by copyright. They are also originally copy-protected and available on the local network. "On the basis of article 28 paragraph 3 of copyright, libraries can make their collections available for research or studying via the terminals located within these units. "(S. Stanisławska-Kloc: Polish copyright law for digital libraries [in:]The legal seminar for digital librarians, Warszawa 2010, page 99.)

Bibliographic description of publications is available to all. Access to the full text regulates the written consent of the author(s) or the publishing house, which determines its type.

Range of sharing can be:
  open to all with the consent of the Author(s) or the Publishing House
  limited to the UTP network
  limited to a selected group

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